We’re a group of people

The Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative (RCLI) is a thriving community of leaders, dedicated to serving Richmond in Christ’s name. Each year since 2007, RCLI has invested in roughly 30 civic-minded Christian leaders as a part of our ten-month leadership program. Each month we meet to learn about the region, grow spiritually and exchange ideas, thinking towards how we might work for the good of our region. Our alumni network is now over 300 strong, across different churches, vocations and geographies. At its core, RCLI is nothing more than group of people who want to see God’s heart reflected in Richmond. That’s it. As we consider the path forward, it will be that very same group of people – guided by our Heavenly Father – who discern what’s in store and respond in faith to imagine what’s next.

Imagining what’s next

The Board has been exploring ways to strengthen how RCLI develops Christian leaders in metro Richmond. With that in mind, the board has made three big decisions: 

1) We will not be fielding an RCLI Class in the Fall of 2019.
2) We are fully committed to delivering a great class experience for the current class of participants in the program.
3) We plan to take a year to re-imagine what RCLI could be.

For more details on these updates, watch this video from RCLI Board Chair, Blaine Lay, ’10 (7 min). You can also check out the FAQ.

In a way, RCLI is taking the initiative to invest in itself and refocus our vision. This season is filled with lots of questions, and there’s still a lot of work to be done–but we have faith in the One who makes all things new (Rev 21:5). We believe God is up to something in our midst. Our prayer is that that God would make us new–and make Richmond new–for His glory. 

If you’re interested, there are lots of ways to get involved.


If you envision a region that is more intentional, connected, and whole, then RCLI needs you.