the rcli program

RCLI’s vision, simply stated, is for our region to reflect God’s heart. Our role in pursuing this vision has traditionally been through our region’s emerging Christian leaders. The RCLI program has consisted of 10 monthly sessions, varying in locations, providing exposure to the region’s diversity. Sessions examine—from a Christian perspective—the many dynamics that shape our region. Through 12 program Classes, RCLI has inspired, equipped, and released over 300 alumni to lead in their areas of personal, professional, and public places of service. The RCLI program is a primary focus of RCLI’s current re-visioning.

RCLI has taught me to intentionally seek out people and their stories. To learn from them because their stories have shaped them into the person that God has created them to be, and will help build a foundation built from understanding and respect.” - RCLI ’18 Class Member


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The Amazing Praise is a community initiative founded by RCLI in 2016. In 2018, 17 local, faith-based nonprofits participated, representing a 325% growth rate in three years. Up to 75% of the participating organizations have RCLI alumni serving either as staff, board members, or volunteer leaders. Together, the 17 nonprofits raised over $200,000.  RCLI has continued to lead the planning for the event: organizing meetings, developing standards for participants, and being the fiscal agent for the event.

In February 2018, RCLI hosted #LeadersWhoFollow: Richmond's Christian Leadership Forum.  It featured five insightful presenters, followed by structured journaling time and table-top discussions for attendees to reflect on the content.

RCLI also founded The Gathering, a collection of full-time staff leaders who operate out of Christian motivation and practice to head small- to medium-sized organizations founded on Christian principles. 

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RCLI has hosted 7 years of Richmond's Next Course: RCLI's Progressive Dinner. This annual fundraiser was a moving, 3-course meal that allowed the business community to actively participate in conversations about the role Christian leadership plays in Richmond’s collective future—in Richmond’s next course. The 2018 edition of Richmond’s Next Course netted more than $15,000 and challenged guests to “Make Room” for a move of the Spirit in their schedule, relationships, spaces, finances, and heart.