Education (Feb. 8-9)

Location: Elijah House Academy/Crestwood Presbyterian Church (6627 Jahnke Road, 23225)



  • As always, we’ll be ready for you by 6:00p on Friday, with our official start at 6:30p.  Likewise, we’ll be ready at 8:30a on Saturday for our official start at 9:00a.

  • Our post-session gathering will be at Carena’s Jamaican Grille.

  • Lunch will be provided by Jason’s Deli.

  • Please bring your Bible, manual, journal, and Lead Like Jesus, Revisited book, as well as any desired pre-session materials.

  • If you will need to miss any part of this session and have not already informed Erin, please do so immediately


This month’s session will include a BAKE-OFF. This is a mandatory (just kidding, this is totally optional), fun way to participate in this month’s session. Feel free to bring a baked treat to share Friday night or anytime on Saturday.


  • Your item must be homemade…by YOU! No cheating.

  • If you want it served at a particular time during the session (ex: Friday snacks, breakfast, and/or Saturday lunch), please mark it accordingly.

  • We will assume dishes are NOT allergy-friendly, unless you mark it otherwise. Please mark your dish if it is allergy-sensitive (ex. dairy free, nut free, gluten free, etc.)

  • That’s all!

Measures of judging are still TBD.

Happy Baking!


EXTRA (not required)

REFERENCE (not required)