Committing to the Initiative (May 17-18)

Location: International Learning Center (16492 MLC Lane, 23146)



*Preparation for this session is particularly important! PRAY. Do the readings. Transfer your commitments to the large file card (AKA, your admission ticket). AND, carefully read the info below:

  • Location: Once on site, use the map provided below to guide you to where we’ll be staying.

  • Arrival: Check-in on Friday, May 17th is available beginning at 5:00p, but you should arrive and be inside the dining area by 6:15p if you wish to eat (the serving line is being held open for us until 6:15p).  The session begins promptly at 7:00p.  Feel free to drop off your bags before or after dinner, or after the close of the evening session.

  • Parking: Park in designated areas shown on the map.  Dinner is served in Building 18 (review map).

  • Food: Please do not bring any food. The International Learning Center will provide all meals and snacks and will accommodate any food allergies/issues.  Vending machines are available on the campus, if desired.

  • Lodging: Rooms are double occupancy - you will have a roommate.  Room assignments will be provided when you arrive.  All linens are provided (though you will have to make-up your bed upon arrival).

  • Please bring your Bible, manual, journal, and Lead Like Jesus, Revisited book, as well as any desired pre-session materials.

  • Additionally, please bring your top three commitments via your index card, personal toiletries, layered clothing, and any games or activities for the social time after Friday night’s session.


  • The International Learning Center is owned and operated by the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  This facility serves as a last point of departure and a first point of return for missionaries they send across the world.

  • For security purposes, nametags must be worn at all times while on the center’s campus

  • NO PHOTOGRAPHS may be taken of any non-RCLI individuals.  Therefore, any such photos are essentially limited to the inside of the building where we’ll be meeting and lodging.

  • Wi-fi access is available.  Personal account information will be provided upon arrival.

  • No alcohol or tobacco use is permitted on campus

  • Departure: The Retreat will conclude by 3:30p on Saturday, May 18.