Business in Society (Jan. 11-12)

FRIDAY Location: Padilla (101 W Commerce Street, 23224)


SATURDAY Location: Redemption Hill (400 W 32nd Street, 23225)



  • Make a note of the session locationS—unlike previous sessions, we’ll be at two separate locations this month:

    • On Friday, we’ll gather at a local business—Padilla—in Manchester.

      • Parking: Please note, the building is located on the corner of 7th and Bainbridge—a brick building with white windows. The parking entrance is located on Bainbridge Street, between the yellow pylons. Drive down about 100 feet and park anywhere.

    • On Saturday, we’ll shift to a church, Redemption Hill

      • Parking: This location only has street parking. The entrance we’ll be using is on McDonough Street, which should be able to accommodate everyone’s cars and does not have any houses facing it, so please try not to park in front of any neighbor’s homes.

  • As always, we’ll be ready for you by 6:00p on Friday, with our official start at 6:30p.  Likewise, we’ll be ready at 8:30a on Saturday for our official start at 9:00a.

  • Our post-session gathering will be at Legend Brewing Co.

  • Lunch will be provided by Groovin Gourmets Catering.

  • Please bring your Bible, manual, journal, and Lead Like Jesus, Revisited book, as well as any desired pre-session materials.

  • Lastly, if you will need to miss any part of this session and have not already informed Erin, please do so immediately


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